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From A day that you happen to  know

Image: detail Breakfast at Timothy's  © Nic Stringer 2017

Certainty is a passenger, 

resting comfortably 

on the load bearing threads; 

such a ready thing, running back 

and forth, similar to opposite, 

fixed like so many desires 

on an inward frame.



 In the half-light  by Fractured Strings

CD (inc p&p) £5

Image: detail Every day the world gets fuller ©  Nic Stringer 2017

Back there in the darkness 

memory rests, 

partly converted to sound.       

At the edge of memory, 

reactions where we fall 

apart are simple 

as long as there is no bounce.


Demo track from In the half-light 

Sound Buy it in bottles

Poems A selection of published work

Three Salomes


From the multi-disciplinary project Hemispheres

First exhibited in 2019 as part of the Yellow Book celebrations at the Westminster Reference Library 


Poetry, sound & art have been published  in anthologies & journals such as Bedford Square 10, The Forward Book of Poetry 2019, Interpreter's House, Magma, Structo, Eborakon, Finished Creatures & The Next Review (featured poet in the Summer 2016 Poetry Showcase) and online at Burning House Press & Poetry Shed.  Other anthologies include The Pamenar Anthology of Visual Poetry (contributor and editor), The Creel (Guillemot Press) and The Valley  Press  Anthology of  Prose Poetry   

A review of Michelle Penn's Portrait as a diviner, failing  is in the Winter 2019 edition of Tears in the Fence 

PRIZES:  Winner of the University of London Prize for Creative Writing 2016; A day that you happen to know  highly commended in the Forward Prizes for best first collection 2018

Nic Stringer is a founding member of Corrupted Poetry Events and the sound collective Fractured Strings

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