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   Detail from Breakfast at Timothy's  © Nic Stringer 2017



 In the half-light  by Fractured Strings

CD (inc p&p) £5

Detail from Every day the world gets fuller ©  Nic Stringer 2017

Raptures & Promises


Certainty is a passenger, resting comfortably on the load bearing threads; 

such a ready thingrunning back and forth, similar to opposite,fixed like 

so many desires on an inward frame

The ones who sit apart

These bumps and broken birds that need a hole to move into and a mouth 

to scream with, are colours that change when looked at side by side

Camera Obscura

Back there in the darkness memory rests, partly converted to sound.       

At the edge of memory, reactions where we fall apart are simple as long 

as there is no bounce.


Demo track from In the half-light 

Sound theory of Buy it in bottles

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