Here memory rests, partly converted to sound

Be Corrupted

HARD LINES was a Corrupted Poetry event all about contained spaces and how we manage to live in them featuring Martyn Crucefix, Jacqueline Saphra and Astrid Alben. Next is FLOW guest readers to be announced. Poster artwork, detail from I Rosalind © Nic Stringer 2018

A DAY THAT YOU HAPPEN TO KNOW  Nic's first full collection is now available online from Guillemot Press.  Illusions by Lucy Kerr (

''Ambitious and engaging'' (Ropert Loydell, Stride magazine)

''Nic's work is various and intriguing'' (Martyn Crucefix)

Music where we are instruments of inquiry within our own system

Listen to FRAGMENTS from In the half-light, soundtrack to A day that you happen to know by Fractured Strings.  NOW AVAILABLE from Sound Theory on this website. 

''An intriguing mix of John Cage meets Tangerine Dream with a little bit of Nurse With Wound thrown in'' (Rupert Loydell, Stride Magazine)

CD ARTWORK Apollo Toothbrush by Lucy Kerr (© Lucy Kerr 2017)


In the half-light, soundtrack to A day that you happen to know is now AVAILABLE to buy. Please send £7 here for your CD (inc. p&p)

You can buy A day that you happen to know from Guillemot Press


Artwork from the project Some parts have been removed is in print in the November 2017 edition of Magma Poetry Magazine (69)

Detail on this page from Every day the world gets fuller (© Nic Stringer 2017) 

Nic is also a contributor to Poetic Interviews  

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